Secrets Of Personal Finance Management – Part A

Secrets Of Personal Finance Management


If You feel, that is time to start
managing Your personal finances, You found out, that You are earning a
lot of money, but at the end of the month nothing is left. Maybe You
have a minus on Your account.
More money at the end of month

The good news: You are not alone. Most
of the people discovered the same phenomenon. But only a few takes the
reins in their hand. They hope and wish, that the situation will
change, after the next salary raise. But guess what happens in 99% of
the time: Right! Nothing changes.

The reasons: we will find out together
in a few minutes. But don´t expect a bankers or a financial manager
advise, like a half postgraduate article. My tips are not
conventional, and they work, 100% if You apply them. And belief me,
it won´t cost You a dime.

How To Start With Personal Finance Management

Sometimes You feel, that Your personal
money management is a total disaster. You earn a lot of money, but at
the end of the month, You ask Yourself, Why is my account empty? OK,
this questions is very melancholic. I mean, why do You want to find
out the reason? Better ask Yourself the right question. How can I
change this situation. It feels much better, asking the right

So let´s begin right away…

Start With The End In Mind

    1. Things are going much more
      easier, if we know exactly, what we want to achieve. So take a
      little time to clear in Your mind, how You wish the end result.
      Write down, how Your bank account should be at the end of the month
      and how much money You should earn. It´s a little drambuilding,
      and very effective. This will give You the amount of motivation
      You need on Your way.
    2. So write down, how Your bank
      account will be in 1 year, how in 3 and how in 5 Years.
    3. After that write down a list of
      100 Things You will make, if You have all the money You want in
      Your life. It is very important to make this in a written form.
      Your 100-List.

Content goes here.

Three Most Successful Ways To Manage Your Money

aware of the reality and have control of Yourself and of Your expenses. So start tracking every single penny You spend. I know, this is difficult. It´s very hard and painful, but we don´t have another way to bring You out of Your dirt. Trust me. If You can handle a smartphone, You can track Your expenses. You can get to Your app store and download Your expenses tracking app. Please stop reading here…

Stop reading and don´t continue, until You made this download.

It´s up to You, which software You will choose. Make only sure, that is a free one. Thats it.

You did it? Then I am really proud of You! Give Yourself a big applause.

If not: You have a second chance now. And think about: actions speak louder than words.

After all You red here, You can imagine, that You have now, home work assignments. For the next 30 days, You have to track all Your expenses. That will be one of the most enlightening procedure in Your life. And remember: don´t forget anything! It´s very important.The coffee on the shop. The parking machine. The Hot Dog on the corner and don´t forget the brakfast.

And while You are tracking, don´t forget to build Your 100-List. Parallel to the tracking. I mean not the same time, but in this period. It´s not easy to write this list either. Most people stop after 10 to 15 items. Please be one of those, who writes down 25 at once, without a break. Take Your time for that and find a quitt place, for 30 to 45min. You will enjoy the process, I promise.

But You have to know my friend: there is no shortcut of these procedures. After You start this very important tasks, You can go to the next step, which is a very easy part.

A. Divide Your Income

You have to divide Your income to different jars. After I started this advice, some extraordinary things happened. After 12 months I had assets. The money stopped trickling between my fingers. You should do that. Every author about personal finances has his own system. I will show You one of the most exciting and best working, money management system, of the world. And I mean that. I will know 3 different systems at the end and You can pick the best one, or this one which fits best to You.

I will show You this system on one of my next posts. At the moment I want to make You curious and first of all I want motivate You start tracking Your expenses and of course start building Your list. Two essential things.

B. Make Your Financial Plan

This will be the next step. I Show You, how You can start with the end in mind and get to the numbers and actions You need, to get where You want to go. And for this journey the 100 List must be completed. I show the tool, which You already have, and I will activate it, so that You will easily, fast and straight, get to Your goals.

Here is one of the wierdest things I discovered: Most people spend hours and hours to plan their vacations, their holidays and hesitate to spend only 30min. To plan their future. This is disappointing.






C. Ask For Help

When Your downloaded Your app, You will find out, that every app has a big community, how they did it and what they experienced on the road. Please read the comments and when You feel ready, share Your own, with the community. For any further questions and suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment, I will come back to Your questions.





One Step Away

So Your heard actions speaks louder than words, so make You assignments and start with Your list. It´s not relevant, if You belief it or not.

Thanks for reading


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