Escaping the Crisis: Five Steps to Restore Positivity and Productivity

In times of crisis, each of us copes differently. We often find ourselves inundated with news, striving to stay informed. However, relentless exposure to news can be manipulative and dampen our creativity. Fear, terror, and panic become our unwelcome companions, and we risk becoming pawns in the crisis. So, how can we maintain a positive outlook?

Maintaining the right attitude is paramount

Courage, confidence, creativity, and foresight are essential to navigate through challenging times unscathed. But how can we achieve this?

As social beings, we tend to follow the herd. News media intensify this herd instinct, manipulating us to a significant extent. Take a moment to reflect. Since the onslaught of pandemic reports, how often have you heard or read about accidents, murders, robberies, or war events? The world appears to revolve around a single topic, overshadowing the fact that many more people worldwide succumb to various other causes.


So, what’s the solution? It’s simple: escape.

In the initial phase, you might have been anxious, seeking constant updates to stay well-informed and prepared. However, this behavior can quickly consume you. It’s essential to interrupt this pattern to safeguard your creativity, physical, and mental well-being.

Here’s a guide to help you break free from this cycle and protect yourself and your family:

I would like to give you a guide so that you can just as easily interrupt this behavior pattern to protect yourself and your family.

Five Steps to End the Crisis:

  1. Step Out of the Mainstream: You don’t need constant news updates. Critical developments will reach you through your network soon enough. To think clearly again, detox from news consumption is necessary. This will boost your attitude and resilience.

  2. Seek Positivity: Engage with positive content and videos that energize you. Avoid reports that make you uncomfortable. Focus on posts that offer support and empowerment. As you follow these steps, you’ll notice an improvement in your energy, productivity, and attitude.

  3. Build a Supportive Network: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who uplift each other. This fosters teamwork and provides the energy you need to progress to the next step.

  4. Prioritize Your Health: Physical activity enhances motivation and mood. It invigorates you, providing vitality and energy. Pay attention to your diet, emphasizing fresh foods while limiting alcohol intake. Ensure you receive essential vitamins.

  5. Plan Your Day: Create a daily to-do list to structure your day efficiently. Plan your tasks before bedtime or upon waking up to stay organized.

Learning and Selecting Knowledge Carefully:


During crises, it’s natural to seek a deeper understanding of the situation. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between past events and the present. While historical comparisons can be informative, not all aspects are directly applicable to today’s world due to technological advancements and evolved knowledge.

Only universal principles and trends can be extrapolated. Analysis and comparison are essential to determine which aspects might repeat themselves.


Learn from Flying in Times of Crisis:

There’s much to learn, particularly the significance of attitude. In flying, attitude is paramount. You must quickly gain altitude for security, as height equates to safety.

This concept extends to real life. Maintaining the right attitude provides a significant advantage. The person with the right attitude emerges as the true winner, not just during crises but in the long run.

In times of crisis, attitude helps you navigate obstacles. It enables you to face challenges more effectively.

A loss of attitude puts us in danger, heightening fear. A good attitude facilitates better decision-making, which is vital. Clear thinking is necessary to make informed choices, reducing fear and enabling better decision-making.


Avoiding Distractions:

Avoid any distractions that hinder your progress, much like a pilot navigating through clouds. By maintaining the right attitude, you can soar above the clouds and gain a new perspective on the world.


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