Network Marketing vs Affilliate Marketing – Pros And Cons

Let´s have a look at two great oppurtunities to generate additional income in our days. Both have pros, but which are the cons?

Network Marketing vs Affilliate Marketing – pros and cons

The picture suggests, that both business models are competitive, but they can also been synergistic for Your success. But let´s have a view facts on both.

Lets first compare the classic, old school Network Marketing. List building, talk to friends and relatives and duplicate this approach.

Network Marketing pro

  • You can start immediately You need some education on online marketing
  • You can build Your list for $0 You will put some money for education and adds
  • You have Your products from company You must find Your niche

Network marketing contra

  • it will take a while, until Your start earning money after You set up Your funnel, You earn immediately
  • It takes time to grow Your income If You funnel works You can scale it overnight
  • You have always to work, to grow Your list Your list is growing automatically
  • You have to install a coaching program You use already s existing training programs
  • Your income drops if You are inactive You can always generate new income with less effort

Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing – decide

I don´t like so much this OR decision if I see this excellent methods. Let me explain why.

If we talk about network marketing, we usually mean the classic, old school way: ask all Your friends and relatives on Your list, sell products and grow by duplicate this. I am sure, that You know a lot of pros in our days, which build their huge NM business on leads, they generate online. And even faster bigger and easier, and all their groups do it the same way. Of course, the inner principles of this business are still the same. You have to connect to Your downline. Especially to Your leaders, if You want Your business stable. You have to show up and support Your team as they need. Therefore, we talk about building and recruiting. This step could be much faster, if You can do it online.

So if I compare Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – pros and cons, I always talk about the online way, not the old school way.

So why OR if You can AND (both)?

Network Marketing AND Affiliate Marketing

Let´s marrying both. The base is online marketing. You generate prospects, who wants to earn some extra money. Some residual income or better: they want to create multiple income streams. This is smart and adds security to Your life.

So use the pros of both business models and let Your prospects decide, which direction they want to go. Support them and help them to improve their income and make their life better, by giving them more options.

See it like a process of sorting and funneling. So the efficiency in Your marketing would bring better results to You. See it as booster, if You can offer Your prospect more than one way, let them choose.

Use the pros of Network Marketing and avoid the cons of Affiliate Marketing

Optimize Your Marketing by keep dividing the prospects into two lists. Give the NM a system to build online, and give Your affiliate marketers a way to build a net, to keep their income growing on a fantastic way.

This will be the optimum and most of the time people ask HOW?

It´s very important to ask how You can do it. Most of us aren´t so familiar with all these tech-freak things and the startup offers a lot of frustration and sooner or later 95% of all the starters give up.

I think You want to find a way, how You can make it. There are two options the hard Way and the Smart way. Hard way means, do it by Your own. Try one program after the other, spend a lot of money, get confused and stop full of frustration.

The smart way is just a few steps away: start from the beginning. Learn all the stuff You need, to build Your recruitment-system. Practice all things, while Your taking the classes and have dozens of helpers around You, which are supporting You. This is fun instead of frustration. Sound like a fairy tale? It´s up to You. Try it, absolutely free, and if You see it works, get in and stay, using all the tools You need to get where You want to go.


Join us and make Your own mind. For further information send me a Mail with “Let me in”. I will give You access to the learning platform, You are looking for.


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