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Network Marketing is very popular to people in the whole world. You can build a real business, without any risk. You don´t need all the cost intense things like, lease of shop, employees, articles in stock and a lot of more things, which make a brick and mortal business so difficult to many people. The idea to use the internet, to generate leads, to build Your list isn´t new. But most of the networker haven´t the skills, which are necessary to make it online. In this article, I want take the fear off You, and show You the easiest, most efficient and most profitable way to start building with online leads.

Keep Main Things First – Choose The Right Company

Not everything which shines are gold. And not every new spectaculars’ company, which is brand new is the best in

the world as they often claim. Every new company needs new people and sometimes they will promise You stones


of diamonds, to get You in. One of the most experienced and successful Network marketing Trainer has clearly some criteria, which You should first investigate, before You choose Your company.  For further informations, feel free to post me with topic “RC”.

  1. Oldies but goldies: watch out, that Your company exist more than 5 Years on the market. It´s incredible, that more then 90% of the new companies give up in the first 5 Years. Choose a 10 Years company for safety reasons. In some cases, You can ignore rule number one. But be careful. If the company closes their doors, Your stop earning money.
  2. The products have to be demanded and of course of high quality. This is very important. Otherwise, You can´t build a house (business) on sand (cheap, low quality products, nobody needs). In some cases I would prefer a company, who don´t sell products, but offers services to their members and customers, which everybody needs on daily base. More about that later…
  3. Education System should be integrated in the company. It should not only depend on the leader, it should be an in independent learning system, which is cheap or costs only a little, so everybody can effort.
  4. Watch the quality of the leadership in the company. You can watch the presentation video, where some of the leaders are speaking. Evaluate their speeches and their skills.

Build Your List – The Most Essential in Network Marketing

So what? Be prepared in worst case for that. Some people will be hurt, if friends and relatives don´t understand and sometimes laugh with You, hearing what You are doing. So what? It doesn´t matter absolutely. Be smart. Use Your first list for training and training, but don´t tell them. Be serious and try not to laugh. It will be the cheapest training You will get.

While You are practicing Your building step by step Your platform for building Your network marketing business online. And when You generate Your first leads, You have to be ready to go. You must be trained and have some experience. Otherwise it´s a expensive game. You will run ads to generate qualified leads. It takes You time to set the online system up and running and after that, You can´t afford to lose leads, because You are green. No way. Write down Your personal list down and start working it, together with Your upline. It called the warm list.

After that, start with the cold market. The cold market is a little harder than Your warm list, they expect a pro in You and they don´t want to see amateurs.

Start Building Your Network Marketing Business online

Now we come to the substantial content in this article. How to make it via internet. The old school teaches, that the personal contact is the A and O for recruiting. Maybe they are right. But I have seen 20 Years old, which raise the highest career level in the shortest time, up to the roof in only a few months, by building online. No joke 5 to 6 figure income after 18 months. The old school needs 3 or 4 Years for that. So it has no matter which is right or wrong. If it works, it´s right.

So let´s start.

  1. Choose a concept, on how everything should work. How should be Your system? Do You need only leads? Do You want to automate the presentation as well? Will You use a survey or questionnaire to qualify Your leads? Do You want to have an online training system? These are questions, You never thought about? Maybe You will only generate leads and do the other whole work in the classic way? As more You want to automatize the process, so complicated the system will be. And this needs time and efforts, and even money.
  2. Build the platform. Find a domain, build a website, ad content, some pictures (royalty free) and videos (self produced) and install Your lead managing system. Mostly You need an autoresponder software which needs some money, but is affordable
  3. Get Traffic to Your site. Sounds very simple, yes. But easy? I don´t know. This is a process which have to do with marketing. Google ads, facebook and Instagram could be sources for traffic for You. If You don´t familiar with that, no matter there are thousands of tutorials (free) where You can learn everything You need. I You want I can handout You also my report of how to generate traffic, for free.
  4. Structured process, to get in touch with Your prospects. You will have on this point an amazing benefit, while You have practiced with Your warm list. Things will be know easier.

Teach Your Group Doing The Same – Duplication

Every network marketing business is living from duplication. I think You know this term well. Every networker is talking about leveraging Your time by duplication. It´s the only way how it works. Teach Your group, doing the same. They will copy You one by one. If You have worked out Your list, they will also do. If not, it will takes You a hard time to convince them to do it so. It will not really work. You can believe me.

Teach them how to make their list. How to do phone calls and of course presentations. Show them by doing it. From their list. These are the basics, they a very important. After that, , show them, how to generate leads online and how they can approach the cold market.

Sounds good? Yes.

Sounds easy? Yes, with the right system.

Sounds duplicatable? Absolutely

Sounds You can build a huge group, doing it this way? Yes, absolutely.

So I think You got it. But before You start running, wait to be sure, You choose the right direction.

If have created a Checklist, which I handed out to my group. If You want it, fell free, post me with topic “CL”.

Building Your Network Marketing Business online is normal in the Age of Internet

So covered the theory. It´s pretty cool and everybody could do it with a little help and a good mentor or coach. Or will You do all this by Yourself. Why not, if You can. Most of the people can´t. So what should we do know.

  • We hire a coach for all that, which will consume thousands of $. Money out of Your pocket, before You start, before You earn a dime.
  • We choose a network marketing business builder, who builds his network online from scratch. Why is this, the best idea? for one and only reason: this coach will be our upline and 99 out of 1 You don´t have to pay for the coaching, which Your upline gives Your. Even though it´s very skilled, qualified and valuable, and You don´t appreciate it.
  • Your new upline should be not only the old school, but also the internet option.

So what to do know?

I can´t provide You the right business, even I could. I have to stay neutral. But maybe I can give You a tip, which are the golden companies, which are more than 10 Years on the stage. Order my report (for free, if You can give me a like) and make the right choice. The first thing is covered.

What’s with the second one? OK I can invite You to learn the most amazing community on the internet, which covers everything You need, to start Your network marketing business online.

Competent specialist are sitting in this big community, and can advise You, how to build Your site. How to get Your free domain at first. How to produce good content to attract visitor and every single thing, to generate qualified leads for only a little money.

Before I start here, I invite You to have a look. It´s absolutely free to join and get a trial, and I am sure, You will have a lot of fun, hope, motivation, and inspiration, that You will never believe.

Join us, and get my free report (send me a message with topic JWR)

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The choice is Yours. Hope to meet You soon,


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