Can I Make Money Online?

I know, that there are many people who would like to make more money. They rarely want this because they want to fulfill their dreams and desires. Most want it so they can pay their bills.

Paying bills is Ok, but it´s not the only thing in life, to work for. Start working for Your dreams now.

But What Is About Me, Can I Make Money Online?

Many people ask this question. There are many examples of people who make a lot of money online. But can I too? Most wonder. There is a big secret about making money online. Few people know it and I will try to bring it closer to you.

But first back to the question: can I make money online? And the emphasis is on I (me). As much as I want to answer it, I can’t say yes or no. Making money online is a process. You can’t answer this question with Yes or No.

Even if I knew you, I couldn’t answer it. And if you are wondering what it is, there is only one answer: It is up to you. You can if you want to, but how can you find out?

And which of the many options is best for you? Here are some ideas:

Affiliate Marketing, network marketing, online shops, surveys, online coaching, blogging and a lot more.

It started with an …Idea

Not really. It doesn’t matter if you have an idea or not. There are a lot of people with a lot of good ideas. They cannot make money online with it. The idea may be helpful but not the most important.

You can have the best idea if nobody knows about it, then you can’t make money with it. It is a natural law. Only when you can market your idea can you earn money with it. So don’t spend too much time trying to find a good idea

Start marketing yourself, build your reach. Improve your marketing. I know that word will scare off many of you. Most don’t want to have anything to do with marketing. It has something to do with selling.

Hi there? What is that now? Should I sell?

No! Of course not. You have a good idea, a great concept that everyone has been waiting for a long time and as soon as you are done, everyone will queue up to give you money. Then there was a bang and we’re all awake.

Really, did You really think that it works this way? Rarely does. But a lot of people see it working like this, because they look only at the results of some very successful people. They don´t see all the things, that leaded totheses results. But really, it doesn´t matter. The results of online marketing are so great, it´s amazing: You do the work only one time, and properly, You will get paid of the rest of Your life.

The big lie about selling

You don’t have to be a seller to make money online. No way. You just have to find the people who like your product exactly. Who want your product or service and who are willing to pay the price for it.

It’s that simple. Of course, it has nothing to do with selling. It’s just marketing.

Yes, and the most important thing to learn if you want to make money online is to find these people. To repeat: the people who want, need or love your product and are willing to pay for it.

The three biggest pitfalls in making money online

1. Everyone can (learn): Certainly, everyone who wants to sell your courses claim that. And maybe there is a bit of truth to it. At least everyone could. And you’re asking yourself now: Can I make money online? Are Your sure, You will?

2. It’s easy and fast, you just have to do it right. Well, in a way, that’s the way it is. If you delete the word easily and quickly. So what is left: get it right. Make the right things. This is the only way. No shortcuts, no miracles. Do the right things.

3. You can do it without mastering the technology. Certainly there is something true about this statement. You don’t have to be a programmer to make money online. But with no basics, you will run from one course to the next, spend a lot of money, and finally stop frustrated. That is the bitter reality.

Can I make money online, Yes or No?

I am sorry, I wouldn´t give You an answer totheses question. It depends on many things. And the first and most important thing is the question: Do You really want it. Do You really want to make money online?

And if You really can, say Yes I will. Then You can continue with the 2 very very important question: Why do You want it? This is very critical. You can´t say: I will make money online unless You answer to Yourself Why will I make money online.

And now we have it. The question is not “Can I make money online” but Why I want to make money online. This is very important.

So as many things in life, making money online has to do with Your mindset. And I think, that most people want to start making money online to pay their bills. This is very important, but I think, it´s not the best bedingung to start.

So my opinion is: find a good mentor, system or education program, which will teach You at the beginning, how to get the right attitude, how to build the right mindset. After that learn the right techniques and be prepared to find out, that it requires some effort and time to make it.

But it´s worth, it´s really worth.

I hope I could help You to think about making money online more serious.

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