Mous Contour Case For iPhone 11 – A Review




Product: Protective Case for iPhone 11

Price: 44.99$

Cheapest Place to buy: amazon

My Rating 5/5


Mous Contour – The iPhone 11 Protection Case

It has been around for a long time and many have it, the iPhone 11. It is available as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. As the name of the last version might suggest (see Boeing 737 Max), it cannot be excluded that such an expensive darling crash onto the floor and is destroyed or defective, so you should also give it a reasonable case. Hopefully it will be clear to everyone who owns such a device that costs over € 1200 that this case also has its price. The main thing is that the case is worth your money and does what it promises.

Mous Contour Case for iPhone 11

The company advertises on its website that it drops a cell phone from a height of approx. 15m onto the floor. The video shows that the phone is still switched on after the fall and the display is not broken. Since this video is not uncut, one cannot rule out 100% that it is real. And even if it is, you cannot understand whether several case tests have been carried out and then select the video that survived the fall without damage. In addition, two more videos are shown, which document a fall of the cell phone or show the cell phone in the mouse case in space.

The representations are very daring and not suitable for imitation.

In addition, there are a lot of videos that comment on the case.

But now for the test: the first thing you notice is the professional workmanship. It makes a solid impression and completely encloses the display on the edges. This speaks for good protection. It is thicker at the edges and relatively thin and does not appear chunky. The controls are easy to use and the camera is also free. Overall, it’s good.

The material feels solid and can be described as high quality. The diverse selection of colors, patterns and surfaces stands out positively.

The company is well organized and delivery (e.g. via Amazon) can be expected at the usual speed.

All in all, you get a good case for your money, which also offers high-quality protection for your iPhone 11. The only thing that has to be shown in the further course is the durability of the material.

In the event that you have to take the iPhone out of the case, this can be done easily.

Good Is Not Good Enough – Mous Contour Case – protective glass

If the iPhone falls and is damaged, the display on the edges is affected, rarely the display in the middle. The edges are well protected here, but I still recommend a protective glass so that the display has additional protection.

In my opinion, the price is reasonable and the quality is good. I am very satisfied with that. here.

To Have Or Not To Have – Conclusion

If You have or if You will buy the new iPhone 11, don´t save in the wrong place. Get a good case for Your phone. After damage, a repair will cost You at least 250$, so at my opinion it is strongly recommended getting a good case.

The Mous Contour Case or something different like Limitless 3.0 and of course a Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a very good solution, I would recommend unlimited.

Mous Contour iPhone 11

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