Start Your Personal Finance Management Now! – Part B

Did You notice, that the best time to start with anything is very important? And the best time to start is always…


Things Are Made Easy For Us

You can get anything You want and most of the offers are for free. You start and after a while You get one offer after another for upgrading. They use awesome marketing tricks to sell You and even special offers. As we could by things in the past and be happy, now and in the future they sell us subscriptions. You could by Your ms office package in the past and pay a lot of money, now You can get more than enough, a bunch of special functions and a lot of stuff, You will never use. And all that with only a few dollars, a very little price. But You have to pay it on monthly base, and of course for a very long time.

Be sure, after a while, You get the first offer for upgrading. And if You don´t do. You will get asmanyh offers You need, to upgrade anyway. Be honest: how much subscriptions do You have?

Before You Start tracking

You must first prepare Yourself. Yes, see it as a little warm up. Write down, all Your payments, on monthly base, make a list (ms excel or oa calculate). You can get a little brainstorm here:

Start with Your pay-subscriptions, write down the name of the program and beside, how much it costs You per month:

  • Music
  • Video (YouTube, Netflix)
  • TV (Sky, DZN, Prime…)
  • Social media
  • Health Apps
  • Navigation
  • Car
  • Reading/library

We are not ready, now write down in a list and of course, how much You pay in one Year.

  1. Insurances
    1. Car
    2. Personal
    3. Pension Insurance
    4. Health
    5. House
    6. Accident
    7. Liability
  2. Live
    1. Residential fee/Mortgage Rate
    2. Land Tax
    3. Water Bill
    4. Electricity Bill
    5. Phone Bill
    6. Mobile Phone Bill
    7. Internet Bill
  3. Family/Children/School/Education
  4. Recreation
  5. Miscellaneous

Yes write it down. Everything, don´t miss anything. This is very important. Some of my students are suffering, while doing this exercise, and believe me, most of them don´t do it.

I advice You to do this exercise. Did I tell You, that it will be fun? No, I didn´t. Did I say it hurts? Maybe. For most of us it´s terrible. And it hurts not asmanyh as You expect, it hurts much more than You think. That´s the true my friend. I am here to help You, and I can´t do all the steps without pain. So don´t wait, start writing.

I promise You, after You finish the process it will be a big relief and You will gain more confidence. That´s the truth.

Where The Wealth Starts – Start Tracking

We start now with the tracking. We all had a period, where we tracked our expenses, to become aware of where we stand. Most of the time, we stopped after a while.

Now it´s time to track again. We are back. Yes, judgments day. Start it immediately. Track everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. The coffee at Starbucks, the croissant on the corner, the water from the bus station and even the 50cents for the toilet. Everything.

And just start now. You can do it with the old classical way: pencil and a paper-block or You can use the high tech way and get an app. But be careful, use a free one. I don´t recommend You a specific, You can find a lot of and they all do their work very good. For all.

Some freaks use their mobile phone. They picture everything they pay for, and make their list at the end of the day. Make it as You like, but make it.

The Bad News

You have to do it EVERY day. Yes without exceptions. For very long 30 days.

The Good New

You have to do this work only ONE time. One and forever. So don´t hezitate, just start.

So track everything, You pay for. Make Your journal on daily base. Make it for one month, or better for two months, if You are good.

Personal Finance Management, The Positive Things

When You finish Your exercises, You feel great about Your accomplishment. At the same time You feel bad about Your expenses. That’s normal, don´t worrytooo much about that. It´s absulutely normal. Don´t judge it, simply notice it and say thank Your for sharing. Be aware of Your expanses. Your goal is to become wealthy, You don´t do all this hard work for nothing. You do it for Your wealth remember that always.

belief it or not, at this point here You took a big decision, You decide to change! Yes, You will change to wealth. So do You remember what Your personal development books say about change?

First step is awareness. Become aware of Your expenses, become aware of Your financial situation now. That´s important, if You want to change it.

So stop at this point here immediately and if You did Your exercises, give Yourself a big hand of applause and feel proud of Yourself. You are doer. No matter what. You did it. You are hungry to change. Enjoy the first step and celebrate it.

IF NOT: Stop! Don´t continue. You have one more chance: Go back and start again.

The Secret Of Wealth Building – Be Aware

Be aware of Your financial situation. Face the truth and stop lying. Stop cheating Yourself. Be honest to You and to Yourself. I am Your that this will give You clarity. And as You know also: Clarity is power. And I tell You my friend, You will need a lot of power on Your journey. So be as clear as You can and write everything down.

In the next post, we will continue with the secrets of wealth. We will make the next step to wealth building. I will give You hope and guide You to wake up, to take one step beside, get out of the mainstream and see the world a little different.

At one point I will ask You: The red pill or the blue pill? But yet, we are not ready for that.


4 thoughts on “Start Your Personal Finance Management Now! – Part B

  1. Thanks for the motivation boost! 

    I, too, am struggling with staying on track with my finances. All I do is spend, make money, then spend again! I don’t even remember the last time I actually sat down and went through my back account transaction history… it would probably be a good idea. 

    I am for sure subscribed to a bunch of services – but how many of those do I even still need? 

    After reading this, I am definitely going to start organizing my finances. I will keep what I need and immediately stop subscriptions for services that I no longer need. Hopefully I haven’t been paying a ridiculously extra unnecessary amount for the past year.

    1. Hi Jay,

      thanks for Your feedback. Many of us have to pay attention, not to get in this devil´s vortex, which sucks all our energy all our money, by purchasing subscriptions, which are needless to us. I recommend also Part A.

      Have a great day


  2. Hi, Evangelos.
    Thanks for sharing your views on personal finance management with the emphasis on NOW! What I liked most is the power of writing. The picture of the current expense taken by mobile is a unique idea for me and it clicked my motivation. Why don’t you suggest free mobile/Google apps on the way, as they will further motivate us to take action immediately?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gourav,

      thank You for Your feedback.

      You are right. I can add some recommended apps, it will not affect my neutral position which I will keep. 

      I work on that, thanks for sharing.


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